Western Michigan high school changes mascot from “Redskins” to “Black Knights”

(Photo supplied/Belding Area Schools)

BELDING, Mich. (AP) — A school district in western Michigan will be known as the Black Knights after dropping Redskins as a nickname.

Students at Belding High School were surprised Friday when Superintendent Brent Noskey entered an assembly dressed as a Black Knight. The Daily News in Greenville says the school board is expected to give its approval later this month.

Principal Michael Ostrander says the Black Knight is a symbol of “honor, loyalty and courage.” He says it was the top choice of students and residents in the Belding area, northeast of Grand Rapids. The other candidates were Bengals and Bruins.

The school board dropped Redskins in December. For years, the Belding district had been moving away from the Indian image, choosing instead to promote its schools with the letter “B.”

Goshen High School had to change from Redskins to RedHawks in 2015.

The Paw Paw High School board, however, voted 4-3 last month against changing its Redskins mascot.

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Are we this stupid? March 7, 2017 at 8:55 am

OMG! “BLACK” Knights is some how better than “RED” skins? If you have not noticed the word “black” is now in the name…I wonder how long it will be before the communist organization of the ACLU sues because this is offensive to “black” persons. Wait! that won’t happen because “African-Americans” (Black people born in the USA for multiple generations in a row) will think this is awesome. It will fit right in with the Black television awards, Black history month, Black lives matter, black colleges and now the “BLACK” Knights! Awesome!


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