Trial date set for Middlebury man accused of attacking Michigan State Trooper

(Photo supplied/Berrien County Sheriff's Office)

BUCHANAN, Mich. (AP) — A 19-year-old Indiana man will face trial in connection with an attack on a Michigan State Police trooper. reports that a preliminary examination was held Tuesday in Berrien County for Travis Wise of Middlebury.

Wise and 21-year-old Michael Barber of Gobles, Michigan, face assault with intent to murder and other charges.

Police have said Trooper Garry Guild was chasing a stolen motorcycle on Feb. 20 in Berrien County near the Indiana state line. The driver charged Guild after crashing the motorcycle. That man’s half brother then pulled up in a car and joined in attacking Guild.

Two motorists stopped the men, allowing the officer to arrest his attackers.

An April 19 pretrial conference is scheduled for Wise and Barber. Their trial is to start May 17.


    • Maybe his parents are the lowlifes! Ever think about that? Hmmm. I don’t believe this one the mom knows who the dad is. Yeah, think about that. Crap for parents! The other one that didn’t choke the trooper had a dad that was in prison his whole childhood and his mother abandoned him over & over. The loosers are their parents. Parents are still accountable in case you didn’t know. Know that for when you raise your own kids, if you haven’t already. It’s a big job that no everyone is up for. Especially these boys parents. Hard to parent from prison and when their living with whomever they find to drop them off to and abandon them. Bad parents most likely won’t raise good kids. Sometimes, but most likely not. Judge and you will be judged.


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