Ford Model T going coast-to-coast makes pit stop in South Bend

(Photo supplied/ABC 57)

Last week, it was the Studebakers. This week, another classic car made its return to Michiana.

Three car enthusiasts, driving across the country in an historic 1926 Ford Model T, passed through South Bend on Wednesday, grabbing a bite at Fiddler’s Hearth.

They describe their journey as “a bucket list trip,” and are planning to write a book about their adventure across the USA. As they move across the country they are tracking their progress on Facebook on an account called Ford Model T Coast To Coast.

Their journey began in New York City on May 7, and will end at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, travelling along the oldest cross-country road in the US: the Lincoln Highway. The road was completed in 1913, just 13 years before the model year of the car.

They hope to reach San Francisco at the end of this month.


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