Two men accused of being in Elkhart County’s largest drug ring begin trials

Enedeo (left) and Alejandro Nava Rodriguez (Photos supplied/Elkhart County Correctional Facility)

The trials of two men accused of being involved in the large Jacquez drug ring in Elkhart County have had their trials begin.

Both Enedeo and Alejandro Nava Rodriguez are facing multiple counts of methamphetamine dealing and corrupt business influence charges. The two were arrested last November during a raid of, what local authorities say, the biggest drug ring in Elkhart County history.

The suspected leader of the ring, Luis Jacquez, was also slated to go to trial this week. However, an Elkhart County judge last week decided to separate his trial from the others. His new trial date hasn’t been set.

At least a dozen witnesses spanning multiple local, state, and federal agencies are expected to be called.



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