Democratic candidates line up to challenge Republican Congressman Jim Banks


A Fort Wayne woman is throwing her hat in the ring, to run for the seat occupied by Republican Representative Jim Banks of Columbia City.

Courtney Tritch, confirmed in a Facebook video (below) that she is seeking the Democratic Party’s nomination in northeast Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District next year.

“My name is Courtney Tritch and you may have heard a rumor recently that I am planning on running for US Congress in the Third District and I am so excited to announce today, that that rumor is indeed true,” said Tritch in the Facebook video.

Her official launch party will be taking place July 6th at Foster Park.

In her video, Tritch stated that her official launch party will be the place to learn what she is all about.

“We hope you can join us…. so if you’re not sure, who is this Courtney Tritch character, should I be involved in her campaign? What does she stand for? You have to come on July 6th to find out all the details.”

Tritch is the founder of Courtney Tritch Consulting. She is also a co-founder of Progressive Social Hour, which describes itself as a nonpartisan social networking group that supports equal rights for the LGBT community and reproductive rights and equal pay for women, according to the Journal Gazette.

Tritch, would be the third Democratic candidate for Banks’ seat, joining Tommy Schrader and David Roach.


  1. Correct spelling should be a basic skill of any citizen, let alone a person seeking a congressional seat. “Third Distract” as spelled in her message is just that, a distraction!

  2. And she can put out a video to tell you she’s running but won’t tell you what she’s about unless you show up in person so you can be fleeced for campaign contributions. Let me guess, higher taxes, abortion on demand, single payer health care, more government control over your life, expanding the federal bureaucracy…Let’s make America Venezuela this time.

    Just another D lining up to lose.


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