Neighbors in Buchanan trying to stop bizarre case of illegal paper dumping


A bizarre case of littering at a home on South Red Bud Trail in Buchanan is getting out of hand, and neighbors are stepping up their efforts to stop it.

For more than two years, the house has been a dumping ground for someone else’s paper. WNDU reports that neighbors in Buchanan say you can see the paper, mostly newspapers, piling up as they are left there by the person or persons responsible.

The owner of the home is older and hard of hearing, and other residents have attempted to catch them in the act with cameras, but neither they nor the police have caught them.

The waste paper is always missing addresses, and in some cases, the address box is carefully cut out of the paper…indicating that someone has put thought into this.

The community helps the homeowner clean up, but after two years, the frustration is piling up along with the paper.


  1. About Neighbors in Buchanan trying to stop Newspaper dumping. I moved here about three years ago. It is hard to believe that someone would dump like this on a neighbor. It seems vindictive, and is there more to the story? Really glad to read cameras have been set and police have been involved. It would really have to be a plan and community involvement to stop this trash abuse. It is so sad. I not only feel sorry for the guy being dumped on, but the guy that is doing the dumping really needs some help.


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