Governor Eric Holcomb handing out raises to key personnel


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Gov. Eric Holcomb is boosting the salaries for some people in his administration’s key posts in an effort his spokesman says is intended to hold onto that talent.

The Journal Gazette reports then-Gov. Mike Pence had 16 full-time staffers paid from the governor’s office budget at the end of his tenure. They made $1.27 million in total.

Six months into his term, Holcomb currently has 17 full-time staffers paid from governor’s office funds making $1.5 million.

Spokeswoman Stephanie Wilson says that to get good people you need to pay them well. She says Holcomb “wanted the best people who could come in and hit the ground running.”

Holcomb has also created several new high-level positions in his administration since taking office in January.


  1. Money is not a problem! Holcomb has an unlimited supply as he is proving with all of his new taxes. Next election please vote independent. Just not Dem or Rep as they are the exact same party anymore…


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