South Bend man charged after reported stabbing incident at Wooden Indian motel


Two felonies have been charged to a South Bend man accused of stabbing a woman, then trying to strangle her at the Wooden Indian Motel.

Officers were called to the motel last Thursday at 3:45 a.m. and found a woman had been stabbed in the arm. The victim told officers she had been stabbed in the arm with a box cutter during an argument because she had taken Sean Hale’s drugs that he had bought.

Later, as Hale was allegedly cleaning the box cutter, she encountered him again. Hale then began strangling her with both hands, according to court documents.

ABC 57 reports that Hale claims he had been sleeping and didn’t know how her arm was cut.

He’s charged with domestic battery by means of a deadly weapon and strangulation. He’s facing 8 and a half years in prison if convicted.


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