Pence: Trump will make trip to Indianapolis on Wednesday

("Donald Trump" by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0)

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Vice President Mike Pence is making a direct appeal to his home state’s Democratic senator to support the Republican-led federal tax code overhaul.

Pence spoke directly to Sen. Joe Donnelly while the senator was at his speech Friday in Anderson, Indiana. After outlining the proposal’s principles of lowering tax rates and eliminating tax breaks, Pence said “Senator Donnelly, we need your help, too.”

Pence noted that President Donald Trump would travel to Indianapolis on Wednesday to push the tax plan.

Donnelly had dinner with Trump and several Republicans and Democrats at the White House last week, but has been coy thus far about whether he will support the GOP effort.

Donnelly is one of three vulnerable Senate Democrats up for re-election in 2018 who represent states Trump won in dinner with Trump and several other Republicans and Democrats at the White House last week.

After Pence’s visit, Donnelly released a statement, which read:

“It was great to be with Vice President Pence and Hoosiers today in Anderson to discuss reforming our country’s tax code. I believe that tax reform should benefit middle class and working families. When the Administration releases its tax plan, I hope that it includes policies that create new jobs and protect existing ones, which is what I have discussed with the President and Vice President previously and proposed in my End Outsourcing Act.”


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