Lesser-known Indiana Senate GOP candidate raises big bucks


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — A little-known but independently wealthy Indiana state lawmaker is plunging roughly $800,000 into his GOP Senate primary bid.

State Rep. Mike Braun says he also raised another $200,000 from donors during the fundraising quarter that ended Sept. 30.

That’s enough money to lend credibility to his candidacy in a race that includes two sitting Republican congressman.

The primary is months away. But already Reps. Luke Messer and Todd Rokita have feuded bitterly, drawing national attention to the contest. That makes some Republicans worry they may damage each other’s candidacies too much before the general election.

The winner of the GOP primary will go on to face Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly.

Braun says the coarse tone and personal attacks between Messer and Rokita provides him with an opening.



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