Senator Joe Donnelly raises over $1 million in quest to keep Senate set Democratic

("It's not everyday you get to see #SenatorJoeDonnelly of Indiana." by Steve Baker, CC BY-ND 2.0)

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly is adding to his campaign cash advantage over the Republicans who hope to oust him from office.

The Democrat on Thursday reported $1.3 million in donations during the past three months, pushing his campaign war chest total up to $4.6 million.

Republicans, meanwhile, say some of their donors aren’t in a giving mood out of frustration with Congress’ inability to pass legislation.

Rep. Luke Messer raised $735,000, with $2.4 million on hand. State Rep. Mike Braun raised about $200,000 from donors, while kicking in roughly $800,000 of his own money.

Rep. Todd Rokita’s campaign didn’t release its latest figures Thursday, but indicated it will likely be less than the $1 million raised during the previous quarter.

Donnelly is a top GOP target in the 2018 election.


  1. The article doesn’t say where Joe Donnelly got those donations from. I would be interested to know if they came from inside our outside of Indiana. We also know the amount of money spent doesn’t have to equate to a victory…just look at President Trump!

  2. How much money has Joe “Six Pack” Donnelly taken from the Weinstein Company via the Democrat Party, Hillary, Obama, Hollywood etc? Will Joe return the filthy lucre? Mr. Reach Across the Aisle Donnelly always votes the Democrat Party line unless given permission by the elites in his party to vote with Republicans when the vote doesn’t matter. Hey Joe, where are you on tax reform? How about ACA, you got to keep your doctor, you are vermin, drain the swamp.


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