Rokita trails GOP pack in most-recent Senate fundraising


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana Rep. Todd Rokita trailed his fellow Republican Senate candidates in fundraising over the last three months.

Rokita’s campaign said Friday that it collected $450,000 in donations, with $2.4 million total in the bank.

Republican Rep. Luke Messer pulled in $753,000 during the same period, with $2.4 million on hand. State Rep. Mike Braun raised roughly $200,000, while kicking in about $800,000 of his own money.

The three are the leading candidates for the Republican nomination. The May primary will determine who faces Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly in the 2018 election.

Republicans say some of their donors aren’t in a giving mood out of frustration with Congress’ inability to pass legislation.

Donnelly raised more campaign money than the Republicans, with $1.3 million in contributions during the same period.

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