Enrollment at South Bend schools drops for fourth straight year


Fewer and fewer parents are choosing to send their children to South Bend’s schools.

The South Bend Community School Corp. enrolled about 400 fewer students in this school year compared to last.

In addition to the issue of kids choosing other schools in the area, it also means the district is getting $6,700 less for each student the district loses. A school official told the South Bend Tribune that the loss in funding means the district needs to be even more careful with how it allocates funding.

By comparison, Penn-Harris-Madison reported an enrollment increase of 432 students.



  1. I wonder why parents are choosing to pull kids from South Bend Schools? We all know why. I love how its all about the money. Money is irrelevant. Less money due to less students equals less teachers to pay. Teachers will go where their needed so all balances out. Only problem for South Bend Schools is they have less money to squander. I love it! My kids went to Catholic Schools while I still had to pay taxes for public schools. How do I get that money back?


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