Legal bills almost $2 million in South Bend police wiretap case


The legal costs in the South Bend police wiretapping case are now approaching $2 million. And the case still doesn’t have an end in sight five years after the legal proceedings started.

The South Bend Tribune reports that both the city and Common Council have paid over $1 million in legal fees, on top of over $800,000 in related legal settlements. It was discovered in 2012 that the South Bend Police Department was recording some officer’s phone lines.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg told the South Bend Tribune that “everyone who has ever touched this case is frustrated.”

The five officers involved have been given settlements, but there’s still a legal question over whether the tapes can be released to the Common Council and the public.


  1. Its South Bend so money is no object. Mayor Butt will just put toll booths on all the round-a-bouts to pay for everything…Oh wait, he won’t because he will be leaving shortly and doesn’t really care about the problems in South Bend.


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