Daigle, Kubacki appointed by Governor Eric Holcomb to state boards


Governor Eric Holcomb has appointed two local figures to posts in two state boards.

Former state representative Rebecca Kubacki of Syracuse was appointed to the Distressed Unit Appeals Board. She’ll oversee arguments from political groups and school corporations in Indiana in need of state aid and will hold her seat as long as Indiana’s governor wants her to.

Meanwhile, the executive director of the South Bend International Airport, Mike Daigle, was appointed to the Judicial Nominating Commission for a term that will expire at the end of 2020. His commission handles the public’s judge and judicial conduct complaints.


  1. Kubacki…who was rejected overwhelmingly by voters for misrepresenting them, and he gives her access to the purse strings? That is an incredibly short sighted and or swamp sighted choice. Very disappointing.


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