Elkhart residents can now dispose their Christmas trees for free

("Christmas Tree Disposal" by Chris Marchant, CC BY 2.0)

Elkhart residents can start dropping off their live Christmas trees for free.

The free Christmas tree disposal program has begun at four different locations:

  • West Side Middle School (Parking lot on Nappanee St.) – 101 S. Nappanee St. 
  • North Side Middle School (Parking lot near the track on Bristol St.) – 300 Lawrence St.
  • Riverview Park Softball Complex (Parking lot on Riverview Ave. behind Riverview Elementary School) – 340 Riverview Ave.
  • Pierre Moran Pool (Parking lot on Lusher Ave. behind Pierre Moran School) – 200 W. Lusher Ave.

If you can’t haul your tree to those locations by the time the program ends on Jan. 19, you can leave your tree by the curb to be picked up during your regular trash collection day starting Tuesday.

Make sure you remove all ornaments and other Christmas tree fixtures first before disposal.


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