Appeals court freezes order on driver’s license suspensions 


DETROIT (AP) — A court order that stopped suspensions of some Michigan driver’s licenses has been frozen, at least temporarily.

A federal judge halted suspensions if people can’t afford to pay traffic fines. But a federal appeals court ordered a 30-day timeout Thursday.

The court told Judge Linda Parker to give guidance to the secretary of state about how Michigan is supposed to comply. The court says her injunction is “broad in scope and provides very little direction.”

Parker says there’s a strong likelihood that the due process rights of poor people are being violated when their licenses are suspended for failure to pay fines. She halted some suspensions on Dec. 14.


  1. Laws are not for poor people apparently. Who are these people that are making these decisions? If I choose not to work and get a speeding ticket and not pay the fine I won’t have to worry about my license being suspended? Lets go further…If I am unemployed and a bum I can rob a store without worry of penalty because I can’t afford a fine or a good lawyer…Lets go even further…I can commit murder if the person is rich and I am poor because…I’m poor and don’t have to follow dumb laws that are only applied to people that want to go to work everyday. All makes good sense doesn’t it?


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