SWAT situation ends without capture of murder suspect Rahim Brumfield

(Photo supplied)

The search for the man accused in the shooting death of 17-year-old Tysiona Crawford in South Bend, last month, led to a tense SWAT situation on South Bend’s south side Thursday night.

Police were called to the 200 block of East Eckman when they got a tip Rahim Brumfield was in a home in that area.

ABC 57 News reports after a lengthy standoff, officers released a chemical in the home, then learned Brumfield was not inside.

Brumfield, 20, has been charged with the alleged murder of Tysiona Crawford, back on January 18.

(Photo supplied/ABC 57)

Police were called to the area of Clover Street and Hildreth Road where they found a vehicle, flipped on its side and riddled with bullets.

Crawford, who was behind the wheel, suffered a gunshot wound to the head and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Now, a search is underway for Brumfield, who is her ex-boyfriend.

Witnesses told police the two had gotten into a fight and Crawford was driving away when the shots were fired.


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