South Bend releases 2018 street paving list

(Photo supplied/ABC 57)

The City of South Bend has released its 2018 Paving List, featuring 26 miles of repaving.

The city credits eight of those miles to the state gas tax increase in 2017, resulting in a 40-percent increase to the roads the city can tackle.

The list was determined by the South Bend Division of Streets, along with its Division of Engineering, using the PASER 1-through-10 rating system commonly used in other cities.

Work on each street you’ll see below will take about three to five days to complete and will be closed during daytime hours. Signs will be posted beforehand to notify residents of when the work will be done.

Here’s the list of streets that will be paved:

– 36th from Pleasant Street to Northside Boulevard
– Albert Avenue from Ford Street to Western Avenue
– Ardmore Trail from Sheridan Street to Woodland Avenue
– Berkshire Drive from Gotham Drive to Miami Street
– Brookmede Drive from Ironwood Drive to Woodmont Drive
– Cleveland Avenue from Vassar Avenue to Diamond Avenue
– Corby Boulevard from Hickory Road to Manchester Drive
– Dale Avenue from Ewing Avenue to Victoria Street
– Dale Avenue from Indiana Avenue to Dayton Street
– Dayton Street from Dale Avenue to High Street
– Duey Street from Howard Street to S.R. 23
– Dunham Street from Dundee Street to Kentucky Street
– E Marion Street from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to Riverside Drive
– Elmer St from Elwood Avenue to Lincoln Way
– Esther Street from Colfax Avenue to McKinley Avenue
– Ford Street from Illinois Street to Falcon Street
– Fox Street from Michigan Street and St. Joseph Street
– High Street from Broadway Street to Calvert Street
– Huey Street from Elwood Avenue to Keller Street
– Ireland Road from Burnett Drive west to city limits
– Kaley Street from Ford Street to Western Avenue
– Mayflower Road from Western Avenue to Scenic Drive
– N Lee Court from Fairfax Drive to end of drive
– Navarre Street from St. Joseph Avenue to Riverside Drive
– Northshore Drive from Parkovash Avenue to Angela Boulevard
– Northshore Drive from Michigan Street to Niles Avenue
– Northside Boulevard from Logan Street to 30th Street
– Northwood Drive from Rockne Drive to Corby Boulevard
– Ostego Avenue from Pokagon Street to Angela Boulevard
– Pimms Lane from Topsfield Road to Topswood Lane
– Portland Lane from Arcadia Avenue to Spokane Lane
– Riverside Drive from Marion Street to Bartlett Street
– Riverside Drive from Bartlett Street to Michigan Street
– Rockne Drive from Sunnyside Street to Twyckenham Drive
– Sheridan Street from Western Avenue to Linden Avenue
– Silver Lane from Edison Avenue to Birchwood Avenue
– Spokane Lane from Portland Lane to Kettering Drive
– St. Joseph Avenue from Marion Street to Bartlett Street
– Sunnyside Avenue from E Wayne Street South to E South Street
– Swygart Street from Prairie Avenue to Donald Street
– Tasher Street from Fellows Street to end of drive
– Victoria Street from Erskine Boulevard to Miami Street
– Walnut Street from Western Avenue to Washington Street
– Wayne Street from Michigan Street to Lafayette Boulevard
– Western Avenue from Chapin Street to Scott Street
– Wilber Street from Elwood Avenue to Keller Street
– Williams Street from Lincoln Way West to Navarre Street
– Woodland Avenue from Grove Street to Edison Road

In addition, the city hopes to start repaving Bendix Drive and Olive Street in 2019 and hopes to pay for the work in federal funds. Patch work on those streets will be done in the meantime.


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