Senator Joe Donnelly is second Democratic senator to support CIA nominee

By SMSgt John Chapman [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

WASHINGTON (AP) — A second Democratic senator has announced his support for President Donald Trump’s CIA nominee.

Joe Donnelly of Indiana says he made his decision after a “tough, frank and extensive discussion” with Gina Haspel, the spy agency’s acting director.

The other Democrat who’s come out for Haspel is West Virginia’s Joe Manchin.

So far two Republicans have announced their opposition: Kentucky’s Rand Paul and Arizona’s John McCain, who’s battling cancer and isn’t expected to be present for the voting.

Supporters are pushing for votes by the Senate intelligence committee and the full Senate before the Senate’s Memorial Day break.

The GOP holds a 51-49 edge, and Vice President Mike Pence can break a possible tie.

Haspel has run into criticism because she was once involved in the CIA’s interrogation program.


  1. The “swamp” airing their laundry on interrogation is just another example of their ineptness to work for and protect the American people. We had to endure congress persons that were absolutely racist back in the day but still served 30 plus years because they were “changed” …Leave interrogation to those that know what they are doing. Not to anyone in congress!


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