St. Joseph County traffic lights being replaced with new flashing yellow version

An example of a traffic light with a flashing yellow in Lansing, Michigan. (By 127driver [CC0], from Wikimedia Commons)

INDOT is making traffic signal improvements to nine intersections throughout St. Joseph County.

You’ll see crews working at Bremen Highway and the U.S. 20 bypass, at Capital and Cleveland, State Road 23 and Edison Road, and on 933 at Auten, Angela, Sample and Chapin Streets.

The most notable change to the new, modernized traffic signals will be the addition of a flashing yellow arrow, which allows left-turns when a suitable gap between other vehicles or pedestrians is available. County officials say that will allow traffic to move more efficiently at intersection.

They say national research also shows flashing yellow signal is more intuitive for drivers and results in fewer crashes.

Work has already been completed at State Road 23 and Ironwood and State Road 23 and Douglas Road. Work at ALL the intersections should be done by the end of the month.


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