Ex-Transpo CEO David Cangany reportedly spent $61k on taxpayer-funded travel

(Photo supplied/ABC 57)

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP) — A newspaper analysis has found that the former CEO of the taxpayer-funded Transpo bus system spent more than $61,000 on airfare, hotels, food and other costs last year before he was fired.

The South Bend Tribune’s analysis of five years of public records also shows that former Transpo CEO David Cangany steadily increased his on-the-job travel from 2013 to 2017, keeping him out of town nearly half the time he headed the public bus system.

Cangany was fired in December for mistreating staff, but Transpo officials raised concerns about his expenses a few months later. Officials had identified more than $3,000 in his travel costs that didn’t seem related to Transpo business.

Cangany currently works at Miller Transportation in Indianapolis. He hasn’t responded to the newspaper’s multiple comment requests.


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