Attorney: Elkhart teen charged with murder denied rights

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GOSHEN, Ind. (AP) — An attorney for an Elkhart teenager whose murder trial will soon begin is asking a judge to throw out incriminating statements, arguing police violated the teen’s constitutional rights.

The Elkhart Truth reports that police read D’Angelo Honorable his Miranda rights during questioning. But they did not ask Honorable — then 14-years-old — if he understood his rights.

The attorney also argues that when Honorable asked for a lawyer midway through questioning, police ignored his request and continued to interrogate him.

Honorable was charged as an adult with fatally shooting 34-year-old Teketa Hixson in November 2016. Police say he fired four shots into her home following an argument with a teen girl who lived at the house.

Honorable’s trial is set to begin Monday.


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