Study: Hoosiers “very worried” about school shootings


Hoosiers are worried about the possibility of a shooting happening at their local schools, but the proposed safety measures that get the most attention receive the least support.

Around 600 residents were asked how worried they were about a school shooting in the study conducted by Ball State University and Old National Bank.

Around 20 percent of Hoosiers said they were “very worried” and more than 35 percent said they were “somewhat worried.”

Participants were also asked about the effectiveness of a number of potential school safety measures.

Preventing people with mental illness from purchasing guns was rated as ‘very effective.” Placing metal detectors was third with 47 percent.”

Only 36 percent of Hoosiers thought that banning assault-style weapons would be ‘very effective;’ only 30 percent rated arming teachers and school officials as ‘very effective.’


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