Vehicle crashes into Niles gun store, several firearms stolen


A vehicle crashed into a gun store in Niles and the suspects stole several guns.

It happened around 4 a.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 15, at The Firing Pin in the 300 block of North 5th Street.

Investigators say several suspects were involved and the vehicle they were in was stolen from a Niles resident who left their keys inside the truck.

There was no immediate word of any arrests.


  1. Any word on what weapons are stolen? I’m not one that wants to buy one of those things not knowing it’s a stolen gun. I wish there is a way everyday people can look up weapons like this, and see they’re stolen or used in a crime somewhere before. That way if we get approached to buy sell trade, we can know it’s bad news and stay away from it, and especially the ones trying to unload them.


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