South Bend leaders discussing possible action on climate change

(Photo supplied/City of South Bend)

South Bend community leaders are discussing possible local action on climate change.

City leaders say they are considering drafting an ordinance that would work to reduce emissions and get the city closer to being a more sustainable place.

On Monday night, Feb. 18, the council chambers were packed with people who wanted to see action against climate change, according to the South Bend Tribune.

City leaders said drastic changes, from longer summers to higher water levels in the St. Joe River, are possible if action isn’t taken.

A recent study suggests South Bend could see a warm up of as many as ten degrees by the end of the century.

Another meeting, set for Feb. 27, will discuss a reduction of carbon emissions.


  1. “A recent study suggests”. This is a “weaseler”, along with words like, may or might. Good luck taking action against climate change. It’s what climate does, it changes. You want a really effective way to influence climate? Try and figure out a way to stop the Earth’s precession. If you want South Bend to be a sustainable place, all that’s needed is to remove all the buildings, roads and concrete. Plant some wild-flowers and trees in their place. Unless a truly better environment is not really the goal of all this “local action against climate change”.

  2. How about we first prove that we can fix the potholes in the city so driving is somewhat reasonable before working on a global issue that has no solution?

  3. Lime bikes and lime lawn mowers for everyone. And as a side note, smart streets bringing traffic to a crawl does not add too much to evil carbon.


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