South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg hits big political donor goal


South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg has hit a big political goal.

With 65,000 invdividual donors to his possible Presidential campaign, he is now qualified to be invited to the first Democratic candidate debate, which is set to take place in June.

Buttigieg, who formed an exploratory committee for a possible candidacy in January, tweeted “thanks” to donors and stated he would need to raise a lot of money to compete.


  1. I wonder how much money Pete Buttigieg is getting from Barack Obama, David Axelrod, George Soros and others? Reports have circulated within the past year that Pete is being “groomed” for the presidency. The same way that the ruling elite groomed Bill Clinton and Obama. It won’t be until either this June or June of 2020, that the Bilderberg Group/Council on Foreign Relations at their annual secret gathering will give its nod to he/she to be their stooge in the White House. Its been said that the elite will “select” who will be the candidate and the people “elect”. Time will tell.


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