Paw Paw man, infant unresponsive after six vehicle crash on I-94

(Photo supplied/Berrien County Sheriff's Department)

A Paw Paw man and an infant were found unresponsive after a crash involving as many as six vehicles in southwest Michigan.

The collision happened on Friday, Aug. 9, on eastbound I-94 near the Berrien County line in Watervliet Township.

Investigators found that traffic was stopped on the highway due to road construction. The driver of the Malibu did not see that traffic was stopped and ran into the back of a Hyundai Sonata driven by a St Joseph resident. The vehicle then struck a Honda Civic which, in turn, was thrown forward striking a Dodge Caravan. As that was happening, the Malibu was struck from behind by a Hyundai Tuscan that also did not see others stopped. All other drivers and passengers involved did not receive any serious injuries.

A spokesperson for Bronson Hospital said the infant had regained consciousness and was doing well. The driver was still unconscious and in critical condition, as of Saturday.

The Berrien County Accident investigation unit was called and is investigating this collision.


  1. When will MSP start enforcing the speed limits? If you drive 75 you get passed routinely and even get honked at because you are going too slow…


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