Pilot Makes Emergency Landing in Elkhart County


Everyone is alright after an airplane had to make an emergency landing in Elkhart County. It happened around 7pm near Cr. 17 and Cr. 42.

The pilot was planning on landing at the Goshen airport when the plane had some sort of mechanical failure and lost power. 25 year old Nevin Hershberger was taking a test flight in the single engine Cessna when it happened.

There were initial reports that it was a plane crash, but that was incorrect, there was only minor damage reported to the planes gas tank.

The following is directly from the Elkhart County Sheriffs Office:

The aircraft was attempting to land at the Goshen Airport in Goshen, Indiana after the Pilot and the Co-Pilot were conducting a test flight of the aircraft. During the flight, the plane experienced mechanical failure and unsuspected power loss for an unknown reason. As a result of the power loss, the plane did not have the appropriate altitude to make a landing at the airport and was forced to make an emergency landing in a field approximately 5 miles west of the Goshen Airport, near the area east of County Road 17 north of County Road 42.

The plane sustained minor damage to its fuel tank after the landing

The Pilot and Co-Pilot were checked by paramedics on scene and refused medical treatment. No injuries were reported.


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