Bipratisan effort for better health outcomes backed by Senators from Indiana and Michigan

("HealthCare" by WashingtonStateHouse, creativecommons)

Senators Todd Young of Indiana and Debbie Stabenow of Michigan are among the lawmakers on both sides of the aisle introducing legislation designed to help state and local governments improve their health outcomes.

The bipartisan legislation would empower them to address the economic and social conditions for the public with the Social Determinants Accelerator Act.

A council would be created to better leverage existing programs and improve the health situation for the most vulnerable.

Up to 20 million dollars would be generated for state, local and tribal governments under the program.


  1. Just another council for them to act like they are doing something, while filtering tax payer monies to special interest groups. Stabenow needs to just retire. What a waist of resources!


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