Buttigieg backers defend ‘wine cave’ fundraiser


(Associated Press) The California winemakers who hosted a dinner at a “wine cave” for Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg are defending the fundraising event.

Buttigieg’s political rivals used the fundraiser to criticize the South Bend, Indiana, mayor for soliciting campaign contributions from wealthy donors at Thursday’s Democratic presidential debate.

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren described a lavish Buttigieg fundraiser featuring $900 bottles of wine and crystal chandeliers.

But the owners of the Hall Rutherford winery in Napa Valley say their most expensive standard-size bottle of wine costs $350 and wasn’t served at the fundraiser.

They take issue with how their wine cave has been portrayed.


  1. I know, right? Michiana has so much in common with Napa Valley. Give me a break. Pete’s premature presidential ambitions are so pathetic. Ambassador to the UN may be a stretch since he has ignored his problem with the black issue in South Bend the whole time he was mayor.


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