Are people being treated at the Roseland Motel 6 breaking quarantine?

Indiana National Guardsmen, local law enforcement and civilian personnel, partner together to conduct COVID-19 testing throughout north east Indiana on April 27, 2020. (Photo by Cpl. Hannah Clifton)

Roseland Town officials say they now have documentation that persons inside of the Motel 6, who are supposed to be in isolated for COVID-19, are breaking their isolation and meandering about town.

A statement from the town’s attorney reads: “Roseland town officials have received reports that apparently quarantined individuals have come and gone from the City of South Bend’s quarantine facility. The reports are worrying to the Town particularly as they come just days after the City of South Bend agreed to make changes to the quarantine facility. Leaving the quarantine facility defeats the purpose of the quarantine facility, which is meant to be a place for unsheltered individuals to isolate and recuperate. Roseland town officials will closely monitor the situation and respond proactively as they have for the past several weeks.”

In an interview with ABC 57 News Town Council President Elizabeth McCombs is calling on the City of South Bend, Jeff Rhea, and Representative Jackie Walorski and to acknowledge the issues and address them.

Mayor James Mueller says he heard about the isolation breaks via the media and was not contacted by anyone from Roseland Police or from the town government.

Watch McCombs’ interview here with ABC 57 News



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