Two Middlebury residents on scooter struck by pick-up truck, trailer

(Jon Zimney/95.3 MNC)

A Michigan man driving a pick-up truck pulling a trailer struck two people who were riding a motorized scooter.

The collision happened on Friday, June 12, on County Road 16, about three miles east of Middlebury.

The driver of the pick-up tried to pass the the pedestrians and, as he did so, his trailer sideswiped the scooter, ejecting the pedestrians.

A 68-year-old man from Middlebury suffered head and arm injuries. A 71-year-old Middlebury woman suffered an ankle injury. Both were taken to the hospital for treatment.


  1. Limiting the speed for scooters is dangerous and absurd. The state government sold the 25mph limit as a safety measure, but all it does is cause more unsafe passing maneuvers.

    Scooters should go 55mph so passing is not required on surface streets.


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