South Bend Common Council President, 1st District Rep. Tim Scott resigns

(Photo supplied/City of South Bend)

South Bend Common Council President Tim Scott has resigned from his position as 1st District Representative, as well as President of the Council. Scott cited personal reasons for his resignation. Scott’s stepping down comes less than a week after the organization Black Lives Matter held a protest in front of his home demanding he vote against the police pay raise spending bill, as well as other issues. The pay raise issue was tabled until later in June.

Below is Scott’s letter of resignation:

Effective immediately, I resign from my position as the South Bend Common Council 1st
District representative as well as President of the Common Council. This decision is for personal reasons; while the timing of any mid-term change is never right, I cannot prolong this decision.

For the past eight and half years, I have pushed issues regarding quality-of-life, the citizen of South Bend, while the quality-of-life for my wife and I have suffered. The pace and commitment I set for myself to help the 1st District and the City of South Bend is and was not sustainable.

Due to my career and council schedule, having just two hours a day to spend with my wife has been the norm for longer than it should of been. After months of reflection on this, it is time to step away.

I want to thank my wife Karen for her understanding and patience during these eight and half years. I love you; it is time to for us to be the priority.

I want to thank the residents of the 1st District and this city who I have come to know. You all have touched my heart and made me a better person for it. I am proud to have represented all of you. I hope my representation did the 1st District justice. I am proud to have worked with many of you, all to make South Bend a better place.

This was the only elected position I ever held, and I want to thank those in the 1st District who had faith in me and cast their vote for me.

I want to thank all my Council colleagues over these three terms; while we have not always
agreed, you all made me a better person. I want to personally thank Vice-President Karen L. White (At-Large) (D) for your mentorship throughout these years. You’ve been like a sister to me, and someone who I always trusted. I have the utmost respect for you and appreciated your support from day one.

Thank you, Committee of Whole Chairwoman, Sharon McBride (3rd District) (D), you earned my instant respect and trust. You truly have the city first in your hart. Thank you for being a sister to me and your support. You’re an amazing woman!

Thank you to the two administrations I had the pleasure of working with.

Thank you Mayor Mueller and Mayor Buttigieg for the ability to work with you and your department heads, staff and employees of the city; their dedication is amazing.

I wish everyone Peace, Love and Harmony in South Bend.

So long and Peace!

Tim Scott
Former 1st District Representative
South Bend Common Council



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