Senator Braun speaking out about tearing down statues, monuments


WASHINGTON, D.C.–Tearing down statues and monuments shows how passionate some people are about race issues, but it’s not the answer, says Sen. Mike Braun (R-Ind.). He says some people are going too far in tearing down statues and monuments to the founding fathers.

“It’s a big difference between removing Confederate soldiers and generals. Now you’re seeing statues of George Washington, Abe Lincoln. There’s a point where you go too far,” he said. “You can’t remedy the past by eliminating all vestiges of it.”

“It is an indication of how hot the issue is and I believe this is a moment in time where we need to do something that tries to put it back on a less chaotic, a more solid footing,” said Braun.

He warned that if no sensible solution is found chaos could continue.

“And who knows where that’ll end up.”


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