Indiana and Michigan classrooms predicted to struggle with social distancing

("old school" by alamosbasement, CC BY 2.0 )

Schools in both Indiana and Michigan are going to have trouble with social distancing this coming school year due to crowded classrooms.

That is, according to a recent post by, that ranked the top ten states that may have the hardest time keeping six feet between each student.

6 Feet Apart? States with the Most Crowded Classrooms

Indiana ranked 9th overall, while Michigan ranked 3rd.

According to the article, Indiana’s elementary school classes sizes of 23.6 students are lower than most other states on the list, but its secondary class size is much higher.

With an average of 25.4 students in each secondary school class, Indiana may have to make use of space not typically used for classroom learning in order to properly social distance, such as the cafeteria.

In Michigan, the average elementary class size is 24.2 children, while secondary class sizes average 29 students. The higher averages are what rank Michigan as number three on the list.



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