Four people shot in two separate early Sunday morning shootings in South Bend


Four people were shot in two separate shootings on Sunday, July 26, in South bend.

The first shooting happened around 3 a.m. Officers were called to the area of S. Kenmore Street and W. Jefferson Boulevard for a large crowd, between 200-400 cars, gathering at the intersection. While there, shots were fired, and all vehicles tried to disperse. Evidence indicates at least 84 rounds were fired, however at this time there appears to be no known reason for the gunfire.

While securing the scene, officers found 1 gunshot victim. That victim was taken to Memorial Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. While at the hospital, 2 more victims walked in with gunshot wounds from that same area. Their injuries were also non-life threatening. Two of the victims were treated and released.

The second shooting happened around 4 a.m. Officers were called to the 1200 block of W. Washington for reports of shots fired. When they arrived, they found a victim who had been shot several times. The victim was transported to Memorial Hospital and is currently in critical condition. Evidence indicates at least 17 shots were fired.

Anybody with information about either shooting is asked to contact Michiana Crime Stoppers at 574-288-STOP or 800-342-STOP or the South Bend Police Department Investigative Bureau at 574-235-9263.


  1. The real question…Were they all wearing masks and did the police issue tickets for a gathering of more than 250 people? These are the real serious issues. No one care about the people shot. Especially BLM if they were black people that were shot. It is interesting that the “news” has decided to quit describing the perps or victims as black, hispanic, white…Wonder why? LOL!!!!

  2. 84 shots fired and 3 people hit? I’d say these people need some gun control, their accuracy is abysmal!


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