Veto override to get Mayor Mueller to issue State of Emergency regarding homeless fails


An attempt to override South Bend Mayor James Mueller’s veto of a resolution calling for him to declare a State of Emergency to address the homeless situation has failed.

The resolution was passed by a majority of Common Council members earlier this month, much to the mayor’s disapproval.

Homeless advocates protested this past weekend in front of the homes of several common council members, in an effort to get them to vote in favor of the veto override, but it failed to pass with two-thirds majority vote.

The council members who voted against agree there needs to be a plan to address the homeless situation, but they say they had legality issues regarding the resolution.


  1. What were the legal hurdles?
    Why do you even publish?
    Incomplete Reporting!
    Jon Zimmney “ Technology is a work in progress“

  2. Duh! Worry about something that citizens care about. Not homeless degenerates. Just move them out of the county with the knowledge they will be arrested if they return. Im sure they are other ways to tax us that would at the least be relevant to our lives. After all, that is all this is about. Nothing to do with helping people that dont accept or want the help anyway. What a joke!


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