Debate on whether mail-in ballots lead to increase voter fraud

Over the past couple of days both U.S. Atty. Gen. Bill Barr and Vice Pres. Mike Pence have talked about concerns over mail-in voting, which may be widely used in the November election. While Barr said he believes common sense says mail-in ballots leave more room for fraud than in-person voting, the research may not agree.

“So far there’s no systematic evidence that mail-in ballots increase voter fraud,” said University of Indianapolis Political Science Prof. Dr. Laura Wilson. “As it stands right now, voting by mail seems to be generally very safe and a relatively secure process.”

Wilson said research also shows that neither party gets an advantage over the other with mail-in voting.

But, that doesn’t mean the method is without troubles or concerns.

“It’s gonna be a challenge in terms of convenience certainly. For some people voting by mail is a lot easier. You don’t have to go in on election day, but you do have to request a ballot ahead of time,” said Wilson. “You have to fill it out. You have to make sure you get it back in the mail in time. Those kinds of changes, especially for people who are used to voting that first Tuesday in November, make it harder.”

Wilson said a large-scale mail-in vote would mean a considerable strain on registrars, people counting the ballots, the secretary of state’s office (for overseeing the election) and the U.S. mail.

“The change could absolutely happen. But, it’s gonna take some time and we’re already almost in August as it is,” she said.

Wilson said if government decided to implement a more large-scale mail-in vote, there is more time in Indiana to educate voters on what is expected, than there was before the primary.

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Charles U Farley July 31, 2020 at 10:33 am

How about in person only, VoterID required, index finger in a jar of purple dye, and open source voting machines with a checksum comparison the morning of Election Day?

Simple, effective, and fraud free. The Dems will never allow it!

Paul Carlson August 1, 2020 at 1:03 pm

We already have absentee voting that has fraud protections. I voted in the primary early in person. The precinct was well established to provide distancing and protections. I wasn’t wearing a mask. But on of the tow poll attendants were wearing masks. There was no other voter when I arrived. I showed my ID by pressing against the glass patrician. I signed in on a screen with a clean stylus which went into a tub to be cleaned for the next voter. I was given a Q-Tip to mark the telescreen voting machine. I inserted my ballot, voted for my preferred candidates. Then I inserted the printed paper ballot into the electronic ballot box and the Q-tip went into the trash can provided. Easy-Peasy and no more Risk of cornyvirus that at the Walmart, a restaurant, or the doctors office. All you dunderheads out there who are scared to vote are hypersensitive hypochondriacs. You democrats that want to cheat-by-mail are anti-American in the extreme and should be ashamed of yourselves. Compare the “cases” to the whole population that percentage is extremely small. Many other diseases effect a lot more people. The People are being gas-lighted by politicians with a tyrannical bent to control YOU!

Thor August 3, 2020 at 3:02 pm

The PoliSci Prof from IU says, “So far there’s no systematic evidence that mail-in ballots increase voter fraud,” probably as she’s planning a mail in ballot filling out party before the election.


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