University of Notre Dame announces football attendance restrictions


It’s usually one of the hottest tickets on an Indiana Saturday afternoon during the fall. But this year, there won’t be many sold.

The University of Notre Dame announced football games will be limited to 20% or less of the stadium’s normal capacity.

Notre Dame students will gets first dibs on tickets. Then, the remaining tickets will go to faculty and staff and family members of players.

There will be no tailgating allowed, and all tickets will be mobile.

Those in attendance will be required to wear masks.

The Irish kick off the season against Duke on September 12.


  1. Why would anyone want to go to an ND football game with none of the usual fan fare? No tailgaters, no local bars and restauraunts doing their usual, only students and faculty allowed…Surely the band wont be marching either. A typical game is 12 hours of fun outside the stadium and 3 hours in the stadium. I hope ND is giving the tickets away for free. There will be no “electricity” in the air and the atmosphere will be deppressing. There will be no opposing team fans to banter with…So sad! It will be like going to a high school football game and none of the oppossing teams family even came.


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