Notre Dame student senate considering resolution asking for Father Jenkins resignation

(Photo supplied/University of Notre Dame video capture)

Notre Dame students are not happy with University President The Reverend John Jenkins after he neglected to wear a mask in a Rose Garden Ceremony last weekend—and some want him to resign–going so far as to propose a petition to the student senate

Their complaint is that this isn’t the first time Father Jenkins has been caught breaking University protocol. Earlier this year a photo showed him, mask-clad, but shoulder to shoulder with students and not adhering to social distance guidelines.

It took just 24 hours for the petition to get the 200 signatures it needed to be considered by the student senate; and while university administration is not beholden to any decision made, the message is clear. Many of the students argue that if Father Jenkins were a student he could already have been expelled. The resolution will get an official vote next Thursday.

More reactions from students are detailed here with student run newspaper The Observer 


  1. how moronic are this students? Whoever signed it needs to be removed from the school.
    Good Grief!

  2. Looney Lefties speak up again. This is what happens when you cultivate the crap they do at ND. They had a chance at a presidential debate and turned it down. Why? COVID. Father J showed them what he thinks of snowflakes. Thanks and carry on.

    • Great the good Priest is part of the White House Superspreader Event. Notre Dame should dump the priest immediately. I think we are up to 9 or 10 infected in the last 36 hours from this event. It probable will be dozens given the behaviors of these psychopaths. Don’t worry Trump more than likely will survive. Given models predict he has a 3.5 to 35 % chance of dying from the infection. Assuming he was hospitalized as a precaution the best modeling suggest an 8% risk of death. Even if Trump won’t do the honorable thing and resign, I expect more out of Notre Dame.

  3. So many organizations have settled for poor leadership in recent times. Leaders capable of making errors of judgment like this should not get a second chance. Surely ND can find a more reliable leader.


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