Partial Michigan results suggest someone old, and perhaps someone new on Capitol Hill

(Photo supplied/DOE photographer Ken Shipp)

Early numbers from Election Night in Michigan saw continued support for one person in Washington D.C, and another likely getting ready to clean out his office.

Democratic Incumbent Senator Gary Peters appeared to have lost his seat to GOP challenger John James, but by Wednesday afternoon with 93% of precincts reporting they both had 49% of the vote.

Representative Fred Upton seems likely to win another term in Congress, seemingly surviving a challenge from Democrat Jon Hoadley.

In the 78th State House District, which covers parts of both Berrien and Cass County, Republican Brad Paquette held an early lead in his attempt to retain his seat.

Voters also appeared to overwhelmingly support both State Proposals on the ballot, which concerned the usage and collection of money from oil and gas mining, and requiring a search warrant for electronic data and communications.

Many of Michigan’s ballots have yet to be counted on Tuesday.


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