Gov. Whitmer issues congratulations to Joe Biden


Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is congratulating Joe Biden on his presidential win, at least in Michigan.

Whitmer and Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist released a statement, Thursday, congratulating Biden, Kamala Harris, Senator Gary Peters and a few other Democratic candidates on their victories.

Whitmer says she’s ready to work with the president and state lawmakers on areas where we can find common ground to keep the state safe.

Below is Governor Whitmer’s complete statement:

On behalf of the people of Michigan, I want to congratulate Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Senator Gary Peters, Chief Justice Bridget Mary McCormack, and Justice-Elect Elizabeth Welch on their victories. This was a hard-fought election on both sides, shattering the record for the most votes cast in the history of our state, with more than 5.1 million votes and over 3.2 absentee ballots cast.

“The people have spoken, and with the election behind us, now is the time for our nation to come together. We have a common enemy, and it is COVID-19, not one another. This pandemic has ravaged our state, infecting more than 190,000 people and taking the lives of more than 7,400 Michiganders. As governor, I’m ready to work with the president and our state legislature on areas where we can find common ground to keep our state safe. I remain firmly committed to doing everything we can to slow the spread of this deadly virus, so we can protect the health and safety of our families, our frontline workers, our seniors, and our small businesses. Let’s all mask up, Michigan, and let’s get through this together.”

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Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist also releasing a statement:

“It’s clear from the historic voter turnout that Americans across the nation were excited to make their voices heard during the most important election of our lifetime. At the core of this excitement was a once-in-a-generation turnout from Black voters, which proves that Black men are a crucial voting block who will support candidates that will make room at the table for our vision of change.

Whether it’s addressing the coronavirus pandemic, building our economy back better, or investing in education and health care, Michiganders want leaders who will lead our country toward unity and prosperity. Our administration has always been willing to work with anyone who wants to work with us to solve problems and get things done. It’s time for our state and our nation to come together to solve our most immediate challenges and look to create countless opportunities for future generations. We must all stand tall for Michigan in the days, weeks, and months ahead.”


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