Schererville family gets eviction warning due to “too many kids”

(95.3 MNC)

Some people are concerned with getting evicted because of the coronavirus pandemic.

One family in Schererville is afraid of losing their home, even though they pay rent. The reason, they were told they have too many children.

Deborah Rangel told CBS 2 that when she moved into their Lakewood Lane condo in 2017 it was just her, her two kids, and her husband. Now, the family has grown by two more, and lease says that two people max can sleep in each bedroom.

Rencon Property Management alerted the family of the violation in August, 2020, but still allowed the family to sign a new lease in September. In October, they were given an eviction notice.

CBS 2 tried to ask the company why they allowed the family to re-sign, but have not heard back.

Rangel said because of the pandemic she lost her job, and finding a new place to live isn’t that easy. She said she understands her family is bigger than what is allowed, but she doesn’t see why they can’t work something out.

She says they had an eviction hearing scheduled for Wednesday.


    • By the pandemic? U must have failed reading and comprehension
      How pathetic! Wat would Jesus do like seriously we r allll doing the best we can for the time being and hence thus etc!

  1. That’s pretty pathetic. It’s a pandemic what is everybody’s problem with repenting? She lost her job give her and the kids a break! Get cPS involved and make them say the home is safe for the kids… seriously. It’s 2021 dammmmmit! When will the real Christians ever stand up? I want to come to the hearing n see how these people have the audacity to disregard the pandemic! In another kinder country it would probably be possible heh? Tf!,,,

    • Maybe ask them to move in with you. Making other people give so you can feel gratified is not charity. Using the pandemic as an excuse is not reason. Also, Christianity is not socialism.


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