Automatic tickets for work zone violations proposed in Indiana

("Police car lights" by Scott Davidson, Attribution 2.0 Generic)

Speeding through Indiana work zones could soon get you a ticket, even if you don’t see an officer nearby.

Bipartisan bills have been filed in the state that would seek to improve work zone safety by bringing automated speeding tickets to Indiana.

The South Bend Tribune reports that the three bills in question, which have some differences, all seek to create a test program for the effectiveness of speed cameras on state highways. These cameras are not currently allowed nor prohibited under state law.

Last year saw more than 1,300 work zone crashes on Indiana’s interstate highways, with 409 tickets issued.



  1. How about no?

    This is just the camel getting its nose into the tent. If this flies, we’ll have speed trap cameras and red light cameras, and the goal of the enforcement will turn away from safety and toward revenue… Usually at the expense of safety!

    These bills need to be rejected with extreme prejudice.

  2. What do you do when all traffic is speeding, 5-10 mph over the posted limit? Slow down and create a traffic jam, and possibly make yourself a target for road rage?

  3. These systems are outsourced to a contractor who has the incentive to issues tickets. Their contract and profit is based on the number of tickets they will issue. You will not be able to face your accuser in court, you will be required to prove your innocence.

    Is the speed limit 45? Did you at anytime hit 45.5? Pay up, lose points and maybe your license. Welcome to the robocop future.

    Write your representatives and oppose this bill!


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