Whitmer shrugs off comments by GOP Senate leader


Governor Gretchen Whitmer is responding to comments from the State Senate’s Republican Leader.

And her response has been to largely shrug them off.

In a video last week, Majority Leader Mike Shirkey used language that’s being called degrading and appeared to threaten the governor. Shirkey told leaders of the Hillsdale County GOP that the party “spanked her hard on the budget” and on appointments.

Wednesday, Whitmer called Shirkey’s comments “exhausting” but said she’s not focused on them.


  1. So Tommie how is any of that a threat? Have details been left out of your story? Im just curious you very clearly wrote “and appeared to “threaten the governor”

    • Indeed, even the “spanked hard” is used quite commonly in sportsball. I’m not seeing anything newsworthy here.

      Also, Whitmer is still a moronic authoritarian tyrant.

    • I’m sure Tom got some of that info from other news sources, lighten up a little guys. Eventually the grinch of Michigan will hang herself, like Cuomo of NY, also the governor of CA.


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