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Michigan bill is looking to create cleaner water, jobs

A bipartisan bill that passed through the Michigan Senate Environmental Quality Committee is aimed to make the water cleaner and create thousands of jobs.

The committee says the $293 million water infrastructure grants for local governments and residents would be made available through Governor Whitmer’s MI Clean Water Plan, and a pair of senate bills.

Much of the money will target sewer overflow issues and promote green infrastructure. It’s being funded by a 2002 ballot proposal that originally provided a billion dollars in water infrastructure grants.

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Amelia Lee

1 comment

Charles U Farley April 23, 2021 at 8:27 am

While I am 100% on board with getting rid of “combined sewer overflow” systems (YUCK!), is it really prudent to spend spend spend with the Potato-in-Chief running the economy into the ground?

We’re on our way to being Venezuela Norte by 2024, it might be wise to save some pennies.


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