South Bend accepting applications for Curb & Sidewalk Reimbursement program

(Photo supplied/City of South Bend)

The City of South Bend’s Department of Public Works is now accepting applications for the 2021 Curb & Sidewalk Reimbursement Program, which assists property owners in making repairs to curbs, sidewalks and ADA ramps abutting their properties.

Anyone who is a homeowner or property owner, including businesses, within the city limits can participate in the program. The reimbursement rates for the program are listed below. The City has also established target areas based on income and conditions of the sidewalks. Homeowners who live within these target areas will receive a higher reimbursement amount. More information about the program and target areas can be found in the attached brochure or at

Homeowner Occupied Homeowner Occupied (In Target Areas) *All Other
CURB $15 per linear ft. $30 per linear ft. $7.50 per linear ft.
SIDEWALK $20 per linear ft. $40 per linear ft. $10 per linear ft.
ADA RAMP $950 per ramp $950 per ramp $950 per ramp

* Includes landlords, businesses, churches, schools, etc. Maximum reimbursement amount is for 250 ft of curb and sidewalk combined.

In 2020, 49 properties participated in the program, replacing 4,378 feet of sidewalk and 1,051 feet of curbing. Per Chapter 18, Article 3 of the South Bend Municipal Code, the maintenance and repair of curb and sidewalk is the responsibility of the abutting property owner.

To participate in the program, residents need to fill out an application and receive pre-approval from the City prior to any construction. Those interested in participating in the program can view more information and download the application at or call 311.

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