SBCSC, Indiana Right To Life release statements regarding Clay HS teacher controversy

(Tommie Lee/MNC)

The South Bend Schools and Indiana Right To Life have both released statements about the Clay High School teacher who is on leave after hosting a controversial guest speaker.

The district maintains that their policy says that teachers need principal’s approval for guest speakers, and the teacher in question didn’t obtain it. The teacher in question is on administrative leave after inviting the Right To Life Michiana guest into the class to talk about abortion.

Superintendent Todd Cummings said the matter is being taken seriously and the schools are committed to policies that will ensure the continued trust of their families.

Here is Superintendent Todd Cummings’ full statement:

The South Bend Community School Corporation is aware and deeply concerned about a group’s unauthorized visit to Clay High School’s health class yesterday. It is clear that policies and protocols were not followed and we apologize. The teacher has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. We want to reassure our students, families, and community that we are taking this matter seriously and are grateful it was brought to our attention. While we are committed to addressing the health and safety needs of all of our students, policies, protocols, multiple perspectives, and parent notifications need to be followed to ensure the continued trust of our families.

The corporation policy for guest speakers states that the teacher inviting the speaker needs to have approval from the school’s principal; in this case, that policy was breached and these speakers were unauthorized.

Indiana Right To Life says they stand with what they call a “courageous high school teacher” and applaud him for presenting the students facts beyond what Planned Parenthood wants students to hear.

IRTL’s President Mike Fichter said:

“Indiana Right to Life stands with this courageous high school teacher who had the audacity to provide speakers presenting a different narrative to his health class from what Planned Parenthood desires our children hear in school. We applaud this teacher for presenting his students with facts to make a choice for life.”


  1. One wonders if Planned Parenthood had been invited in a similar fashion if there would be ANY question or controversy over it????? the death cult of Moloch is alive and well and living at Clay High School, among other places. It would be a shame to teach those kids to respect life wouldn’t it!


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