Online sale leads to armed robbery

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A South Bend man is accused of robbing a Goshen man at gunpoint during the sale of two cell phones.

Police were called to the 700 block of Lincolnway East in Goshen for a report of a robbery involving a weapon back in February 2, 2020.

There the victim told authorities that he had arranged to buy two cellphones from an individual through Facebook.

Investigators say while the victim was walking to the meeting location, a car was waiting for him.

A passanger got out of the car and pointed a gun at him, demanding money.

A second man reportedly got out of the car and helped rob the victim of his money and cellphone.

Police were able to identify the man as 31-year old Lasean Green.

According to court documents, Green has been charged with armed robbery, which carries a sentence of up to 16 years.


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